I was born into a large farming family on the south coast, one of twins, we had a ruddy, healthy upbringing and I grew up knowing I would be an artist.


School was all about art for me and when not doing sport or study I would cloister myself in the Roedean art gallery. It always intimidated me - the great artists and their abandon to lifestyles that meant they could paint. I was in awe of anyone bold enough to be an artist.

Working About

But I took an HND and MA in computer animation, guided by parents who wanted me to make money. So whilst continuing life drawing studies and my own rambling sketches, I moved away from painting and got more virtual -  becoming a Motion Graphics Artist. I won a  Bafta in 2016 and had the pleasure of meeting The Queen as well as a host of music artists along the way.


I met my husband and (very) quickly we had two boys. With a family it became important that I start to paint again, it just happened that way. My time- which suddenly became so very expensive and valuable, HAD to be spent doing what I truly knew I was born to do. Express through painting.


There is so much beauty where we live, the southdowns are famous for the rolling hills, lush green countryside, great oaks -  the sea and weald- busy harbours and beautiful sandy beaches. Now was a perfect time to be inspired by it all and its wonderful wildlife.


I make my living through painting but it is my passion. My priority is to create value in what I do. I want to create things that are worth spending time looking at. I want to create things that please me in terms of skill as well as expression.